Don’t Just Take Our Word For It… Read What Others Have To Say About Laviano’s Marine Service

I am writing this review with great reluctance. That reluctance is totally based on selfish reasons. As a boater for many years, I have had my share of experiences with boat mechanics, some good and most not so good. I’m sure you’ve had your own experience with the bad ones, so they need no explanation. The good ones, if you can find them, come in two types. One will do you ask, do it right and will wait for you to tell what you want done next time you need them. Like when the boat isn’t working again. The second type is like finding a needle in a haystack and in my lifetime, I’ve only found one needle as it relates to a boat mechanic. That is Robert Laviano. Having been an auto mechanic for a little over 20 years (that was a lifetime ago) I know the difference between hack mechanics, an okay one – but still a bit sloppy, and the last type is the type pays attention to the small details. This is what sets them apart from the rest of the good ones. Robert is the later type. I was that type of auto mechanic and Robert fixes my boat the way I would do it myself, if I was boat mechanic. Being in need of yet another mechanic, I searched the internet and found Robert. There were a few reviews that sounded good, so made the call. Robert did a few repairs that went well. Having a boat that was getting on in age and starting to be a money pit, I decided to have Robert repower the boat, which turned out to be a complete overhaul. Front to back. It included new engines, new controls, wiring, hoses throughout the boat, a new air conditioning system, a new generator, new gauges, electronics, and even a new interior with TV and a lot more. So what’s the downside of Robert Laviano? If you don’t want to fix your boat the right way, don’t call him. Rather than compromise the quality of work he does, he will tell you do go elsewhere. What is my selfish reason for not sharing with you? I don’t want him so busy that he can’t service my boat when I want it.  That being said, it he going to wait for me to ask for service, he expects to service the boat yearly so you don’t get stuck or worse. If I have to wait for something to be done, I will. Robert is the only mechanic that I would have. Since his son recently joined with him, I know that I’m going to be in good hands for a long time. If you are looking for a great mechanic and a great guy, give Robert a call. Hope you’ve found this helpful in making your decision.


Greg Capra

Before purchasing my boat, I was searching for a trustworthy company to do a pre-purchase inspection and for a resource that I could count on to maintain my boat on an ongoing basis. I called Laviano’s Marine upon a recommendation and that was one of the best phone calls I have made. Before I made a commitment to purchase the boat, I had Robert Laviano go on a sea trial to inspect the boat’s mechanical performance. Since that day I have utilized Laviano’s Marine to take 100 percent care of my boat. I have used Laviano’s to arrange new bottom paint, install new canvas, prepare for hurricanes, maintain my engines, install new electronics and much more. I am a true believer in preventative maintenance and Laviano’s total vessel care was a perfect fit. It is great to know that as soon as I step aboard, all I have to do is turn the keys, untie the lines and head out to sea. Thank you, Laviano’s Marine!


Mark R. – 33-foot Sea Ray – Inzane, Fort Lauderdale

I have been a very satisfied customer of Laviano’s Marine Service for the more than 10 years I have lived in South Florida. Robert has maintained the two Grady White boats I have owned during that time. He is extremely easy to work with – he typically picks up the boat from the lift behind my home, sea tests it on the way to his shop, and then we confirm the list of service items required. Frankly, he is far more reliable and competent (not to mention more economical) than the local Grady White dealer. Even though I have always belonged to both TowBoat/US and SeaTow, I have never had an on-the-water breakdown requiring the assistance of either service. I attribute this to Robert’s thorough and quality maintenance work. I encourage anyone who wants to experience trouble-free boating to contact Robert so he can familiarize himself with your boat and prevent problems and headaches.


Charles Ellison

Great service if you own a boat this is the place to get your boat ready for the water.


Albert Babcock

You guys are the best-I recommend all my boat customers to you and only get good reviews back. I love that we can both be reputable and trusted (hard to find) in these industries !!! Keep up the good work.


Deluxe Exotics